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Logistics solution

Handling wooden slabs weighing more than 200 kg can be challenging even though market demand is steady on this higher-end niche. Our logistics solutions will help you dealing with this issue: PT CHANTIK has worked hand in hand with its wholesale customers to offer packing and conditioning solutions that will enable tables to be lifted easily by handling devices.

Table width

Purchasing and hence selling price of a suar slab is heavily dependent on its width (beware of misleading width brackets!) We deem that a table can be named “dining” when its width is above 80cm. This is the reason why we don’t buy or sell dining table slabs below 80cm in width: all our solid tables width range from 80 to 110cm (And more on special request! One advise: when assessing a quotation on a “80cm” slab, ascertain size bracket (70 to 80 or 80 to 90?: it is quite a different story in terms of purchasing price and customer benefit)

Table length

In order to cut down processing leadtime to 3 months, our policy is to store wooden slabs several months in advance. Therefore we have decided to reduce our standard table sizes to 5 with 2 criteria: logistic optimization and market demand. 180cm-220cm-240cm-300cm-350cm-400cm. Our price list is available on demand!

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